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Nice Wall with Modern Bathroom Mosaic Design

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Friday, March 1st 2013. | Bathroom

Nice Modern Bathroom Mosaic Design

Modern bathroom mosaic design is always on the first choice when people like to renew their bathing space. People love to spend much time in the bathroom in the morning and evening since they want to enjoy a fresh day.

Soaking the body will be comfortable to do if the bathroom can deliver the cozy effect. You do not need to be afraid with budget when redecorating the bathroom the new tile. Mosaic tile can be an affordable material to have. Compared to marble and granite, it is more cost effective. It can deliver the rich and luxury effect depending on the types of decoration, pattern and images.

You can make the bathroom look hippie and bohemian by presenting unique style on the bathroom. Use the mosaic tiles not only to adorn the floor but also the wall. If the room is too small for dark colored mosaic, you can choose the light one. If the room is created to suit the modern theme, you can go with natural mosaic tile. It can be in shining and glossy white, black, brown, tan, beige, dark green, mid night blue and taupe. The color for the wall must be in light shade to banish the small illusion in modern bathroom mosaic design.

If you want to express unique style, you can shop for the broken mosaic tile and put it on the wall to resemble a jumbled pattern. It will be nice if the color for the mosaic tiles come in random shades. If you have more cash to hire professional people, you can add them to make a nice pattern on the wall and floor. For instance, you can have a lip, flower, waterfall, animal, farmhouse, vineyard, garden, mountain, abstract, and geometric pattern. Choose the pattern to resemble a wonderful modern bathroom mosaic design.

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